Sunday, April 27, 2014

MA/RI trunk show

In the last regional newsletter I talked about putting together a trunk show  to represent the diversity of styles and techniques of our MA/RI region SAQA members.  The trunk show will be available to travel to our regional meetings as well any parlor, quilt and art guild meetings and other interested groups or venues.  Each SAQA member can create a piece of work measuring 9” x 11” which will then be mounted on 11” x 14” mat board with a frame opening of 8” x 10.

I thought I'd show you the piece that I made for the trunk show so you can see how the pieces will  look mounted and framed:

Each piece will have an artists statement on the back and the entire thing will be packaged in a clear plastic sleeve so that it can be handled without damage.

 The collection will be available for any  SAQA member to use as a promotional tool for the MA/RI SAQA region and my hope is that it will travel all around our region and others as a way to promote SAQA, our region and our members.

Submission details for the trunk show:
Each piece must be 9”x 11” - unbound please as the edges will not be visible and the piece will be mounted on matboard.  Please keep any dimensional embellishments at least 1" from the edges.  Include a one page ( 8 1/2” x 11” sheet of paper) artist statement that has your name, the title of the piece, materials and techniques used and any contact information or other information about the piece you wish to include.   Please also email a copy of this statement to Sue at

Send the artwork Sue Bleiweiss to (or bring it to a future SAQA regional meeting) Please include $5.00 (make checks payable to SAQA) to cover the supplies needed to mount and frame the artwork.

Note that this is an open ongoing call for SAQA MA/RI members and there is no deadline to submit a piece for it.

If you've got your piece for the trunk show completed, send me a photo at so I can spotlight it here on the blog.


  1. When do these have to be in ?

  2. I thought I had made a piece for this but didn't see it at the last meeting so I guess I imagined it. I will get one to you soon.