Sunday, April 13, 2014

What's going on in my studio

We’re starting a new feature on the MA/RI blog called “what’s going on in your studio?”  I don’t know about you, but sometimes I feel like I’m working away in my studio in virtual anonymity and I’d love to see and hear about what everybody else in our region is working on in theirs.  So we are starting a new feature on the blog to help us all feel a little more connected to our fellow SAQA members by getting to see what others are working on.  You don’t have to write a long detailed blog post (although if you want to, you can), just send me a couple of photos of your studio or work in progress and a blurb about your working on and we’ll feature you on the blog.  And to kick this new feature off, here's what's going on in my studio...

I just moved into my new studio 6 weeks ago so it's still relatively tidy.  Trust me when I say that it doesn't always look this organized and uncluttered!
This is the production side of my studio, the other side which you don't see is my office area where my desk, files and all the "business" supplies are kept.    You can see a few more photos of the room on my blog here.

And here's a look at my latest quilt in progress...

I've been working on this for a week or so and it's a fairly large piece measuring approximately 30" x 60".   It was inspired by a smaller 12" x 12" piece that I recently finished:
I liked it so much in small format that I thought it would translate well into a larger piece and I'm happy with the way it's progressing. 

So that's what's going on in my studio - what's going on in yours?  Send me the details at

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