Saturday, May 24, 2014

Quilts and Color at the MFA

Yesterday I went to see the Quilts and Color, The Pilgrim/Roy Collection currently on view at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.   The exhibition features 60 quilts and it is an absolute visual treat to walk through.

I'm not a traditional quilter by any stretch of the imagination but I found walking through the exhibit very inspiring.  The quilts on display are dated from the mid to late 1800's and I was expecting lots of faded worn quilts.  Imagine my surprise when the first quilt I laid my eyes on was this gorgeous bright eye popping quilt that radiated color and movement from across the room:

This quilt makes me want to try my hand at making a log cabin quilt!

I took a lot of photos of the quilts but I won't post them all so you can be just as surprised and delighted with the exhibit as I was.  Photography was allowed in the exhibit although photos with flash was not.  I will show you another one of my favorite though:

  Another log cabin done in bright colors with black.  Unfortunately the picture doesn't do the vibrancy of the colors in this quilt justice.

The exhibit runs through July 27, 2014 and you'll find more information about it on the MFA website here.

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