Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Quilt Symposium in August

Trends & Traditions
Quilt Symposium
August 17 to 19, 2016
Evening Welcome Reception: Tuesday, August 16

The Trends and Traditions Quilt Symposium is an opportunity to connect with other artists, work with some of the best instructors in the world and challenge yourself creatively. Set in Manchester, NH in the summer, the Symposium runs concurrently with Quiltfest run by Mancuso Shows. Only 50 registrants will be able to attend. Included with your registration:

  • 4-night stay at the Radisson Hotel Manchester.
  • Tuesday Evening Welcome Reception with light dinner and wine.
  • Workshops with Rosalie Dace and Frieda Anderson!
  • Lecture with Frieda Anderson: "Moving Forward with a New Tradition."
  • Luncheon Lecture & Trunk Show with Bonnie Dwyer: "The Roots of Modern Quilting."
  • Evening Art Excursion at Manchester's Muse Paint Bar.
  • Adventure Tour to the New England Quilt Museum and Canterbury Shaker Village.
  • World Quilt New England Show & Merchant's Mall admission included.
  • World Quilt Panel & Forum Ice Cream Social.
  • 4-Nights Hotel Parking.
  • 4-Days Breakfast.

Rosalie Dace
Going Round in Circles - 1 Day Workshop

From buttons and dinner plates to automobile tires and even the earth itself, circles surround us in our daily lives. In this class you will look at them, slice them up and have fun sewing them! Used symbolically in all cultures, circles are also a strong design element and focal point, adding power and visual interest wherever they are used. In this hands-on sewing class, students will discover the possibilities of circles as they learn how to use them to make a quilt top. From perfect whole circles to eccentric and concentric circles, a variety of spirals and helixes, arcs and wedges, students will learn how to break up, divide, piece, appliqué, fuse, overlap and stitch to make a dynamic and exciting work. Emphasis will be on design and practical sewing tips and techniques, and we will also discover how other artists and crafts people have used circles in their work to create character and emphasis. All levels.

Frieda Anderson
Creative Crisp Curves - An Intentional Improvisational Class - 1 Day Workshop

In this class you will piece a design with curves using freezer paper. Students will pick one of 3 different designs and one of 3 different colorways to make an Intentional Improvisational table or wall piece. We artists think of improvisation as a form of play which may lead toward discovery. Some new idea may be lurking in our subconscious; by playing around with line or shape, color & value, order or layout, we may discover something new and wonderful that will bring our work to life. This class is designed to help the student let go and work intuitively while learning to use precise curved piecing to create a one of a kind design. All levels.

Bonnie Dwyer
The Roots of Modern Quilting
Luncheon Lecture & Trunk Show

What does it take to become an Art Quilter and make your mark with fabric? Building from the traditional beginnings of quilting and making it your own takes inspiration and imagination. In this hour long PowerPoint presentation, Frieda shares with you her inspiration and shows you how she designs and makes her art quilts.

The Symposium is being held at the Radisson Hotel Manchester which is located at 700 Elm St, in Manchester, NH. For reservations or information about the hotel call (603) 206-4109. If you are interested in participating in this new concept symposium or have questions, please contact Mancuso at or call (215) 862-5828.

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