Monday, June 13, 2016


Published and distributed by Stampington & Company, LLC, Art Quilting Studio is a semiannual publication released every June and December, which caters to the art quilt. It's not surprising to find inspiring works from cover to cover by members of SAQA. Ann Brauer and Cheryl Rezendes were featured in the January 2016 issue. The latest, June 2016, issue does not disappoint with articles by SAQA artists Deidre Adams, Mary Pal, Pamela Allen, Paula Kovarik, Denise Labadie to name a few, and our own MA/RI member artists, Nancy Turbitt and Cheryl Rezendes.

Queen Bee Says No to GMOs leads a 6 page article written by Nancy Turbitt
titled, "Nature's Portraits: Tapping into Imagination." Nancy talks about her inspiration and the process of creating in her storybook series. She talks about her techniques, unexpected challenges and a bit about her process. Other artworks depicted in the article are Empress of the Pines and Mariposa

In her article titled, "Cross Journeys at Dusk," Cheryl Rezendes talks about the process of creating her artwork of the same name. Starting off as a watercolor response to a particularly gorgeous sunset across an open field on her way home from work, the one painting turned into several and was collaged. Using an image-transfer technique, Cheryl transferred her watercolors into the creation of an art quilt. The article continues with supplies, techniques and tips for creating similar art quilts.

Art Quilting Studio offers their readers the opportunity to be published in several departments as outlined in the back of their publication. The deadline for submissions for the Winter 2017 issue is July 15, 2016. They prefer receiving original artwork for submissions. For an overview of their guidelines for submission visit To purchase a subscription you can go to Stampington & Company or call 877-782-6737. Back issues are available from Stampinton as well. Local quilt shops and JoAnn's may also carry this publication.

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