Monday, May 2, 2016

Art as Quilt Opens in Falmouth

Karen Loprete's The Glass Vase was used in all kinds of advertising for the exhibition including Highfield's light post flags.

Members Rosemary Hoffenberg and Salley Mavor talking in a crowd.

Madalene Murphy and Vicki Jensen 

Sharyn Raiche and Allison Wilbur

Below the Surface by Pam Druhen, Spun Gold by Madalene Murphy and Tutti Frutti Neighborhood by Sue Bleiweiss are recent additions to those works that have been sold.

Sue Polansky and Carol Vinick in front of their work.

Dawn Allen with her Poppy II wearing one of her signature floral bags.

Allison Wilbur with her piece Hollyhocks, her mother Virginia Holmes Avery's painting and a floral arrangement made with these floral works as inspiration.

Floral arrangements being created in the main sitting room. Sharon McCartney's The Myth of Meditation is on the wall behind the crowd.


A floral arrangement was created to mimic Jeanne Marklin's Flowing. Hydrangea and delphinium were placed in seltzer water and bubbles kept forming and rising. (sorry for the faded color, the lighting in this room was not perfect)

A view from the landing on the way up to the exhibits in the upper gallery. The open house was very well attended and we are very appreciative of the work of Annie Dean and her entire staff for creating a wonderful show.

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