Tuesday, November 22, 2016

SAQA Pod Meetings on Cape Cod

SAQA MA/RI Cape Cod Pod
Meeting November 17, 2016

Thirteen SAQA members and guests were in attendance at the first Cape Cod Pod meeting in Falmouth, MA this past Thursday. MA/RI SAQA Co-Rep, Nancy Turbitt, began the meeting with an overview of SAQA benefits, history and rules for maintaining a SAQA Pod. Non-member guests were encouraged to join in order to continue with the group.

The meeting was then turned to the members to discuss meeting dates, places, frequency and times. As this was the first time some members had met, they decided to meet monthly for the first few times and to lead it out with a Show & Tell to introduce each other and their styles of working. Skipping the month of December as a difficult month, they chose to start in January.

Melissa Averinos offered to inquire about Tumbleweeds, a Barnstable fabric and quilt shop, as their first choice of meeting place. Melissa will also be keeping everyone abreast of information on meetings and will be the connection to the MA/RI Reps for announcements. The meeting wrapped up with a viewing of the MA/RI Trunk Show, an announcement of the next regional meeting on March 11, 2017, and lunch followed by an invitation to visit Salley Mavor's studio a few miles away.

Thanks to Elaine Cominos Hickey for hosting the first meeting at her home and to Jeannette Spencer for taking notes. "Welcome" to those new members who joined SAQA as a result of the meeting. We are all looking to see wonderful things happening on Cape Cod as a result of this strong group of artists!

I rode over to Salley's studio with Jeannette Spencer and Brenda Jones and the three of us were just blown away by the ambiance of her studio and the actual work on the walls. Salley has a fantastic work space above her garage, full of light and lots of storage. She showed us thumbnails and enlarged drawings for a new book she is working on illustrating. She also had several mailings from her Etsy Shop, SalleyMavor, packed and ready to mail out. Each of the three of us visiting walked out having purchased one of her books which she was happy to personalize with an autograph.

Those members who may be interested in coming to a Cape Cod Pod meeting will find their announcements in the MA/RI Regional Newsletter which are emailed directly to members and can be found here on this blog under the heading of Newsletters.

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