Monday, August 8, 2016

Currents Opening

A few photos of the "Currents" exhibit opening reception at the Brush Art Gallery and Studios.


Kudos to Christina Blais for landing her piece on the "Currents" poster! Catalogs are for sale at or

Before the crowd I took some pictures of the space. The food at the reception was exceptional. Much thanks to the Brush and it's members. On the wall: Urban Sprawl by Judy Ross, Little Drops of Water & Splash by Clara Nartey, and Beach Roses by Dawn Allen.

Deep Sea Currents by Rosemary Hoffenberg, Reunion by Nancy Turbitt, and Water Currents by Judy Ross

Showing in the front window are scenes from the beach by Ann Brauer (left) and Evening Rays on the Water & Morning Rays on the Water by Valerie Maser Flanagan

Two pieces, Crumbling Infrastructure and Global Warming: Living with Drought by Sandy Gregg

Riverbed by Valerie Maser Flanagan and Crown Point by Wen Redmond

Il Pleut by Christina Blais

Viewers look at Across The Pond by Janis Doucette. Work by Wen Redmond, Out Beyond and Tricia Purrington Deck, Magical Moment in the background

Members Wen Redmond and Jeanne Marklin

On the wall: Disturbance by Mary-Ellen Latino, Riverbed by Valerie Maser Flanagan and Crown Point by Wen Redmond. Members Sue Bleiweiss, husband Scott and Sue Polansky to the left.

A long view of the gallery and crowd; on the wall to the right, Drip and Sail by Sue Bleiweiss

On the wall: Shifting Reflections Baltimore Harbor by Judy Ross, Deep Sea Currents by Rosemary Hoffenberg, blocked from view is Reunion by Nancy Turbitt, Water Currents by Judy Ross and a bit of Reflection #2 by Gwyned Trefethen

On the wall: Out Beyond by Wen Redmond, Magical Moment by Tricia Purrington Deck and Across the Pond by Janis Doucette

A view of the studios at the Brush

Dawn Allen in front of her piece Beach Roses. Dawn is wearing a dress made from a digital print on fabric of her work created by Spoonflower.

"Currents" can be viewed at the Brush Art Gallery and Studios in Lowell, MA through September 18, 2016.

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