Thursday, July 7, 2016

Regional Exhibition - Currents

At the Brush Art Gallery & Studios
August 7 through September 18, 2016

Magical Moment by Tricia Purrington Deck

Water: that transparent fluid that falls from the sky and makes up our streams, lakes and oceans and covers 71% of the earth’s surface. It is an essential component for all life forms on earth and plays a significant role in our lives every day, providing us with drinking and cooking water, agricultural irrigation and water to wash ourselves and clothing. Rivers and oceans provide us a way to transport items all over the world, generate power using hydroelectricity and water and steam are used as a way to provide cooling and heating as well as a way to extinguish fire.

Deep Sea Currents by Rosemary Hoffenberg
While it can also be a source of recreational pursuits such as swimming, boating, surfing, fishing, ice skating and skiing, it can also be a powerful source of destruction causing landslides, floods, tsunamis, hurricanes, avalanches and cyclones. Just as too much of it can be destructive, so can too little, causing droughts that spark wildfires and poor crop growing conditions which impact food supply.

April Showers by Dawn Allen

Currents will premier at the Brush Art Gallery & Studios in Lowell, MA on August 7 and will be on view through September 18, 2016. The Artist's Reception will be held on Sunday, August 7 from 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm. The Brush is located at 256 Market St, Lowell MA. For more information or for directions call (978) 459-7819.

Cover Currents Catalog

The Currents Catalog is now available for sale on or through the CreateSpace Store. Rather than using a printing service and committing to purchasing a large number of catalogs we elected to use self publishing service. This helps keep the cost of the catalogs low at $15.00 a copy plus shipping. It is a full color catalog, size 8" x 10". To order just use the links above. 

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