Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Member Profile: Sharyn Raiche

I sat next to Sharyn at my very first SAQA meeting, so it is really fun to be introducing her profile here on the blog! You can check out more of her work on her website, http://www.colorwheelartquilts.com, and keep track of her on twitter @cwArtQuilts and at https://www.facebook.com/ColorwheelArtquilts/.

Sharyn Raiche

When did you start making art quilts?
I started with traditional quilts about 25 years ago, but my background in art left me feeling ambivalent about following a pattern… I soon began improvising my own designs and my work developed from that.

What type of work do you do?
I am very eclectic in my style and my methods. I love abstract designs with strong color, line and movement; however I am also very attracted to figures and faces as a way to express emotions. In my abstract quilts I work from a group of selected fabrics without a set idea of what will happen as I go. My portrait quilts have been a little more thought out; I create a pattern from a photo and then use that to build the piece using raw edge appliqué.
Canal City - Photo by Joe Ofria

Do you have a favorite color palette?
I love color! I believe putting unusual colors together in a design is one of my strengths as an artist. A challenge I particularly enjoy in the quilting process is going to the fabric store and choosing commercial fabrics that will enhance the idea I have in my head, and then bringing that batch of fabric home and finding other colors in my stash that work with the purchased fabrics. Recently I have begun to do more work with fabrics I dye myself.

Are you working on a particular theme or series now?

If you are familiar with me or my quilts, you are laughing right now! I can be all over the place when it comes to my creative ideas and my work. For the past year, I have been inspired by abstract, architectural designs… I am creating a series of quilts depicting urban settings using sew and slice piecing. My other recent passion has been exploring the human form.

Girl with a Curl

Do you work on a single project at a time or do you work on multiple pieces at once? 
I work on many pieces… Sometimes I get to a point where I have to put a quilt away for a bit, and let it percolate in my head… this is when I pick up something else and get started. It makes my studio extremely messy, but I am always challenged and I never have to ask myself what’s next.

Studio Joy

What is your studio like and when do you like to work?
My studio is the best room in my house… I have large windows and a long work table, and 4 sewing machines - including my mother’s first Singer. It will be 50 this year, same as me! My favorite machine is my Baby Lock Symphony. Gordo the cat is a frequent visitor in my studio, and an advisor/critic to my work. If you check out my Facebook & Twitter pages you will see many photos of him assisting me. I work whenever I have time and the mood suits me. This could be at 4 AM or 9 PM. I am very prolific in the summer months when I am on sabbatical from my other career as a first grade teacher.
Gordo the Critic

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