Friday, January 22, 2016


Art Quilts by Carol Anne Grotrian & Rosemary Hoffenberg

Carol Anne Grotrian and Rosemary Hoffenberg's fine art quilts include careful abstract balance of shape and color, overlaid with line - the quilted stitches. Each artist experiments with her process over time, trusting the element of surprise as the work emerges, and creating portraits of specific places and times. 

Marking Time
Carol Anne Grotrian

Carol Anne dyes all of her fabrics using the shibori technique, an ancient Japanese precursor to tie-die. She says, "It was the organic patterns of shibori's many techniques that helped me find my voice in landscape quilts." Since 1989, landscape has provided her abundant inspiration and challenges, giving her more ideas for quilts than she has time to make them. Carol Anne's quilts are usually portraits of specific places and times and often create memories of the 'breathing spaces' she has experienced.

Musing about Frank Gehry
Rosemary Hoffenberg 

Rosemary states, "Color, shape, and their overall impact are the driving forces in my quilts. These elements are what I respond to viscerally, thus, they generate the process of my quilt designs. As I cut the shapes and study the relationships of color, line and form, a quilt develops. I rarely have a preconceived notion at the beginning of each quilt. It is an evolutionary process. The element of surprise is ever-present in this type of work, and it leads me in endless directions."

The opening reception and artist talk will be held on Wednesday, February 3, 2016 at 5:30pm at the Mayyim Hayyim Gallery on 1838 Washington St. in Newton, MA. Please RSVP to or call 617 244-1836. The gallery is open by appointment only due to classes and private events. Call ahead to schedule a visit.

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