Thursday, December 3, 2015

Florida Regional SAQA Exhibit in MA

The global climate is changing, and manifestations of that change are abundant in some of America's most treasured places, her national parks. The diversity of impacts is as varied as the parks themselves. Rising sea level threatens Cape Cod, Assateague and Point Reyes. Ice is nearly non-existent at Glacier. Flowers bloom earlier in the Great Smoky Mountains and fall colors arrive later along the Cuyahoga and Schuylkill Rivers. Corals bleach at Biscayne and intense storms rip up docks at the Statue of Liberty. At Lowell smoke stacks harken back to the very beginning of the industrial revolution. Elsewhere, migrations are disrupted, fires rage, animals are stranded, lakes dry and oceans acidify. 

Wildfire by Deon Lewis
Maya Schonenberger

Artists are frequently catalysts of change, especially when national parks are involved. Thoughts, fears and concerns were expressed in a variety of textile techniques. The interpretations are as diverse as the problems themselves, but all of them have a common goal: to create an awareness of a vast array of issues facing our planet. 

A juried show of twenty-six art quilts created by over 20 Florida artists is coming to the Boott Reflections Room at the Boott Cotton Mills Museum, 115 John St., Lowell, MA, Sunday, December 6th. The free exhibit will remain at the museum through February 7, 2016. The national tour of Piecing Together a Changing Planet is made possible by SAQA and Biscayne National Park, with support from the National Park Service's Climate Change Response Program, the South Florida National Parks Trust, Les Bouquinistes Book Club, and an anonymous donor. For more details about the exhibit, visit the show's website at, the park's website at or call 978-970-5241.

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