Friday, September 11, 2015

Member Profile: Sarah Aubry

Sarah Aubry is a member of SAQA and has been making art quilts since around 1998. Her website is and she plans on opening an etsy shop soon. I recently had the opportunity to ask her a few questions for our ongoing blog series: member profiles.

Sarah Aubrey

What is your work like? What styles or techniques do you use?
It is an extension of my drawing/works on paper. I use a variety of techniques including drawing, painting, and collage. I was fortunate to attend Ruth McDowell's last class taught at the Cambridge Quilt Shop… knowing how to make my own templates is valuable to me. I did the fish quilt in her class.
Woodrow's Spin

Do you have a favorite color palette?
Not really.

Are you working on a particular theme or series now?

How do you work? What is your design process?
I clarify my ideas with rough sketches, and then make room for spontaneity and serendipity as the piece progresses.
Crow Thicket

What are your sources of inspiration?
I read extensively, and have a lot of interesting and accomplished friends in the arts.

What is your studio like and when do you like to work?
I just moved to the Vermont countryside after 28 years of living in Boston. My new studio is large, well-lit, and well-organized. I have a lot of open wall space. I recently added two glass-doored bookcases which hold my entire fabric collection… I can see all of my stash in one glance. I have large work tables, as well as a cutting surface adjusted to my height. There's also a utility sink, and french doors open to our deck which overlooks the hills behind our home. I will be adding an etching press this fall in order to do woodcuts and mono prints, and hope to offer the space to visiting artists sometime next year. I work to a set schedule 5 days a week. Waiting for inspiration doesn't seem to work for me.

What are your goals or aspirations for your art?
I have a lot of ideas, and finally have the time to develop them.
Vintage Ducks

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