Saturday, November 8, 2014

Etsy shop spotlight - Wen Redmond

Wen Redmond has several online locations where she sells artwork, supplies and accessories...

Art, Jewelry And Antiques 

Her Etsy shop UpLiFTmENTs is filled with Etsy shop with hand painted fabrics and other, usually, antique sewing items.

She also has a blog here where occasional works appear and reappear as they go to galleries and events.  Some older but fine work too. All on Sale!!

encaustic collage #26
Digital Photograph
stitched, encaustic wax

 You'll also find her work for sale on Artful Home here.

Manipulated photograph, combining several photographs. Image divided into 6 sections and printed on molding paste substrate of rayon polyester stabilizer. Each section is treated with ink- aid with touches of acrylic metallic paint. Mounted on a firm support. Stitched.
Dimensions: 32.0in H x 25.0in W x 0.3in D


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